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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Garuda di Dadaku-This holiday season the children will be entertained with Indonesia's Garuda didadaku film in the chest, about a child who has talent to play football but have to hide away because desires be gazed by the grandfather. Luckily he has a friend who, although sitting in the wheelchair but has the spirit and the incredible knowledge in the field of football. This is the friend who finally acted a manager and encourage him to go to school until the ball successfully pass the selection of U-13 National Team. How interesting was the story behind the making of this film is educative? Let's hear it directly from the word Ifa Isfansyah talented director and also the 3 main players in the breast Garuda Emir Mahira, Aldo Tansani and Marsha Aruan found at the conference in the chest film Garuda.

Originally Mahira Emir is a football fan who joined the school football in the Arsenal area Ciputat. According to the director Ifa Isfansyah, when the Garuda team came in for breast casting to schools, ball, they see the talent and feel Emir find her in the wind itself. "We find in schools football, the chance to see how he's Emir mendribble the ball, how he runs the field edge to take a drink, I was already convinced of this Bayu. From there I also began to develop what later Her grandfather, whom his friends and his mother, who is also. "

Syuting atmosphere that is deliberately created as a location to play to make these children express themselves freely. If no difficulty Emir Mahira portray football players because he is menyenanginya, with the opponents play begitupun Aldo Tansani (Hery), although the need is in the wheelchair steadily for a month, Hery confess fun-fun time. Emir menimpali even if he actually felt jealous with Aldo at the syuting work just relax and sit only, while the Emir to strain due to frequency menggocek ball. The only small players in the women's film, Marsha served as a Aruan Zahara does not claim any objection to the child's role as keeper of the grave conversation with berhalusinasi spirit grave and must be a certain kind of face and filthy dirty. "I do not do anything even though wajahku dikotorin. I am told there is often hot-panasan may wajahku so it is discolored. "

Working with children is recognized by the director has a distinctive level of difficulty, because sometimes when starting syuting akan children are still absorbed in play. But it's early commitment to bring the atmosphere to a football syuting kru make the players feel and enjoy. Si imut Marsha said even really like the scene when the busy-busy yelling and nyanyi with the Gelora Bung Karno.