Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Nadia Vella Sweet face is decorated with a dimple in the stirrup and around the teeth. Nadia Vella, girls born 30 June 1990 is the world entertain himself. In 2009, Nadia Vella Nadia Familiar called just this headline Film disutradarai be pursued by Satan that Harry Dagoe.

This film is a film both of them after the film bunga setaman "Initially Nadia Vella casting in the film Harry Mas Movies are for Satan, but I would play in the film bunga settaman the Mas Harry, too. But after playing in the film bunga setaman I play again in this film are Satan, may Mas akting I saw Harry in the film is good "said the child youngest of 4 brothers this.

Nadia previous career starts from the ad world. Age 3 years and he has noodles IM product headline "Mie Cio", whereas a few years back he has some play in the title FTV, and not some sinetron also like Olivia and ring.

Girls who like white water is admitted that he indeed intends to serious plunge in the world of entertainment. Since it is a small familiar with the world of entertainment, then keyakinannya akan success in the world more and more very day.