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Download video sinta dan jojo hamil duluan sinta and jojo never was bored for a sensation that's extremely popular online I recentlysaw a video of the new lipsing ie first pregnancy, already 3 months late. Video Sinta & Jojo Complete. Full-line of video-out video Sinta and Jojonih. The songs, amongst others Keong Poison, Doctor Love, Do not lebay, Love and something Nights, etc. Two girls in sweet, though widely discussed, but gak sok ngerasa artists /celebrities. Hehe. Sinta & Jojo video uploaded online a lot, whether or not they would.Many said they sih kayak Indonesia Moymoy Palaboy version ..

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Create a still penaasaran, who sih Sinta and Jojo's? Sinta is a girl who's veryexpressive and the attitude is ridiculous. lipsing sinta dan jojo hamil tiga bulan Direct Quote Jojo (Jovita) guy he seemedmuch loh. But Jovita is a white girl, cute and funny. Both of them have pictures, photos Sinta& Jojo nih. Jovita the left, Sinta right.

Artis seksi Jennifer Bachdim

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Want to see sexy actress Jennifer Bachdim play badminton or badminton? Irfan Bachdim lover was indeed take part in promotional events to participate in the event of badminton success of Djarum Indonesia Open 2011 with follow Celebrity Smash at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, Saturday (4 / 6).

artis seksi Jennifer Bachdim

In order to welcome the sporting events of interest that the people of Indonesia, the organizers deliberately held Smash Celebrity event centered on a building that is not a place to exercise.

Just like previous years, this time Celebrity Smash presents several public figures such as Samuel Rizal, Mario Lawalata, Yuan Christiani, and international model Jennifer Bachdim a show of skill to play badminton with national badminton athletes.

Although surrounded by men who enjoyed the sport of football, footballer Kim Kurniawan's brother was admitted happy to come to enliven the event of badminton at national level.

"I am very happy to be part of, let alone the new I was in Indonesia and became an honor to be involved directly," explained Jennifer Artis seksi Jennifer Bachdim
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Actres Momo Geisha

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Latest Artist News Momo Geisha - Geisha No Problem If Only Momo's More Known, Since the beginning of its appearance, many thought Geisha was a solo project Momo (vocalist). The Geisha other personnel was no problem with it.

"There are many who think we are solo. The Geisha him that yes Momo," Roby said the guitarist while talking with detikhot.

Roby, Bernard (bass), Aan (drums) and Dhan (kibord) pleaded not too concerned with who is more popular among them. Since the beginning Geisha stand as a band.

"We're more concerned for the success together. We're not thinking about that famous one. Mending memorized the song rather than mukanyalah,"said Roby who created the songs Geisha.

But the band from Pekanbaru it was trying to explain to the public that the geisha is a band. On their second album later, Geisha will be presenting a more sound than the previous-band jamming.

Such cases often occur in bands with female vocalists. For example band Franklin, America where Hayley Williams Paramore on the iconic band. After 6 years of working together, the guitarist and drummer for the band chose flee, unable to bear seeing people preferential treatment towards Hayley. Hopefully not the same fate Geisha
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