Posted by Anonymous on Monday, June 22, 2009

foto ciuman mandala shoji and vanesa angel circulating on the internet, gossip I only heard gossip from the event on television that I write directly in this blog. foto hot mandala dan vanesa osculation intimate images are correct, and they both confess that they are, because they love each other. but on the other hand bi éva feel shock at hearing the news about the theater with images osculation vanesa angel. I also do not know why a dwi andika shock. video intim mandala and vanesa angel a clear distinction between theater and vanesa their mutual love and honesty that the pictures are really smell them.
may also cause this rift pair relationship artist Poppy bunga with Mandala Shoji and justified by the splendid artist. Although the opportunity be debated by Poppy, the reality show presenter is said at this time and his Poppy are related break. Those factors cause the film Kuntilanak 3 says there is discrepancy among themselves.

Mandala Seleb TV to deny the newspaper itself with the visible street children with a woman, this man who was born in Surabaya new to say with the gir. klik here for all photo mandala and vanesa