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dinda kirana kepompong
dinda kirana sinetron kepompong
* Dinda Kirana

Personal data:

Full Name: Kirana Dinda

Nickname: Dindadinda

TTL: Tasikmalaya, 30 April 1995
Name of Father / Mother: U. S. Mardi / Lia Priatiningsih
Last Education: SMPN 7
Hobbies: nyanyi, Shopping
Ideals - ideals: Child Specialist Doctors
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite Color: Blue

Name Dinda Kirana began to popularize in the entertainment world with his role as bebi, children are beautiful, coquettish, demure, and friendly .. through aktingnya sinetron newest in the "cocoon", the dinda also reach ketenarannya in the entertainment world.
Bebi, coquettish and beautiful girl is often enthralling audiences and Netter - Netter indonesia look for himself. Bebi sinetron in the cocoon is indeed a beautiful, young again, and again gemesin .. heheheh clearly do it because the white one is still sitting on the bench at this time smp
Careers dinda beautiful in the world of entertainment when the champion himself get general competition Reserved Stars Television. Because you want to mengembanngkan his career in the entertainment world dinda call akrabnya this move to the capital city of Jakarta on the origin of Tasikmalaya. in Jakarta dinda this is already a lot of play in the title sinetron and FTV, the age of 9 years to have successfully dinda play more or less in 36 and FTV Sinetron title. Main role was obtained through sinetron Three One uncle and nephew FTV Girls Chatting.