Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Jakarta not know what's in the mind Ferry Irawan. To his wife, Novi, Ferry berselingkuh has confessed to the artist Bella Saphira. Heard of Ferry, Bella was not received.

"Ferry has been the love Bella Saphira. At that time they have FTV production. The night was also my phone to confirm Bella Bella and angry once. Bella to the Ferry dikambing hitamkan I do not," he found time in Novi kediamannya on Jl Kemang Utara , South Jakarta, Friday (3/7/2009) the night.

Novi found with her mother, Maria Angelina Manincap, before adding that Ferry has berselingkuh with Bella, a former girlfriend Cici Paramida that menceraikannya. "I own surprised when Ferry menalak only to call me and we have to separate because she already berselingkuh with another woman," augment him.

Not only surprised, according to the bunda, Novi sadarkan not to themselves. "Ferry to call Novi that he has been sleeping with another woman and Novi menalak through telpeon. Novi unconscious at that time," said Maria.

All events that take place in January 2009 ago. See the behavior of her husband, Novi not hesitate to break from the Ferry. (Fjr / fjr)