Foto Seksi Cute Widi vocalist Vierra Band

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, May 25, 2009

Vierra Band yahh widi widi vierra is the vocalist of the band who sing songs Curhatku Listen, this guy have a pretty full name Soediro Nichlany alias Widi Widi Vierra, he has soft vowel berkarakter.
Biografy widi "vierra" band

* Full Name: Widi Soediro Nichlany

* Cool Name: Widi Vierra

* Band: Band Vierra

* Place of Birth: Jakarta

* Date of Birth: 8 May 1990

* Height: 172 cm

Body Weight: 48 kg

* School: SMA Bakti Mulya 400 Jakarta

* Favorite Singer: Demi Lovato

Widi Vierra own music like emo, rock, hardcore, screamo and do this and also have a hard head, cuek, selfish, and moody, but he said he wanted to change it all